Our Winning Team

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Chris W. Morris
Chris W. MorrisAgent

Chris is a talented and competent agent who is known to provide customer-friendly and customer-centered real estate services. When dealing with clients, he ensures to make their experience personal, hassle-free, seamless and enjoyable.

No wonder he was able to build a solid reputation in the industry. Chris is one of the top apartment locators and together with the JUVITAE team of experts, he helps in organizing luxury apartment searches, arranges schedules of showing, and offers expert advice in choosing the best luxury apartment.

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Julian R. Vera
Julian R. VeraPrincipal

Julian Vera, the President of JUVITAE Luxury Real Estate based in Houston, TX, is an accredited, bilingual real estate professional specializing in both short-term and long-term luxury leases. He has a deep-seated passion for creating a real estate experience,

rather than just a drudging transaction. Julian and his team of expert luxury apartment locators will guide clients through their luxury apartment acquisitions. Unlike other realtors, Julian sincerely accommodates all his clients’ concerns and questions and is willing to provide services such as transportation from the airport and to help clients become more comfortable in their new home and new city.

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Laura L. Danna
Laura L. DannaAgent

Laura’s top-most goals are to represent her clients with integrity and provide result-oriented approach in searching for the perfect place in Houston, TX. She believes that reliability and trust are paramount when helping clients,

find the best luxury apartment they can call home. This skilled and amazing luxury apartment locator knows the neighborhood of Houston like the palm of her hand and her knowledge of the community is one of her strengths that she can share with her valued clients. As a caring and knowledgeable agent, Laura has an excellent track record of giving the best experience to families, professionals, and young individuals in moving in to their new home, while saving time, money and effort in finding the luxury apartment that suits their lifestyle.

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Julian R. Vera
Julian R. VeraPrincipal

Julian understands that his varied types of clients walk very demanding and hectic lives, which all intricately require a team of professional and devoted team whom they can depend on and are whole-heartedly willing to attend to their needs while meeting and even exceeding their expectations.

Julian, as the founding principal member of JUVITAE, aims to provide top-quality services in the planning, coordination, negotiation and execution of real estate purchases. He makes sure that each client has a consistent point of contact to make their relocation experience seamless and enjoyable.

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Mitchell From
Mitchell FromPrincipal

Mitchell is an open networker that believes in Servant Leadership. He had been in the IT industry for more than 15 years, where he humbly started as an entry level technician. With hardwork and perseverance, Mitchell made his way up to the top of corporate America. From there,

he broke away and became an entrepreneur and started his first company that eventually led him to owning multiple businesses along the years. With a desire to help others, teaching and mentoring them in business and networking, he found himself entering into the world of public speaking and talk radio. He then ventured into the Merchant Services industry where he helps companies save money on their Credit Card Processing. This has expanded into helping business owners and people with other Essential Services as well… saving AND making money. Lastly, Mitchell also enjoys growing & expanding his SEO (Search Engine Optimization) company.

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Jose Ponce
Jose PoncePrincipal

Jose believes in Servant Leadership and always strives to help others first. He is a problem solver by nature and always strives to develop his relationship with Jesus Christ as he offer his time to help others do the same. Jose does not only desire to help others grow spiritually, but he has a yearning desire to help

individuals and families be better financially.
He has a background of more than 10 years in the IT industry, working his way from an entry level PC technician to a data recovery lab manager. With a desire to help businesses, teaching and mentoring business owners and networking, Jose found himself entering into the world of SEO and Online Marketing.

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William Valencia
William ValenciaBroker

William is a real estate broker who helps in assisting buyers and home sellers to achieve their American dream of luxury apartment leasing and home ownership. He provides personalized strategy to his clients in all their real estate concerns and needs, from finding the best luxury apartment

to making and arranging transactions. If you are in the process of searching, renting or buying a new luxury property, .get professional services from one of the most sought-after realtors in Houston: William Valencia.

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