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JUVITAE LUXURY LEASING – We are a Luxury Leasing Real Estate company based out of Houston Texas. We’re looking to assemble a team of like-minded and like-hearted professionals who want to become part of something special, the future of Luxury Apartment Leasing. Our focus and goal is to innovate the industry by creating something new and unique for our agents as well as our clients. We’re here to become the #1 Luxury Apartment Leasing company in Houston, in Texas, and in due time, a nationwide BRAND which cannot be duplicated based on culture, leadership, technology, systems, and customer satisfaction.

Our team has a deep-seated passion for creating what I like to call a “European Experience”, a real estate experience that people will remember fondly rather than just a drudging transaction. JUVITAE’s vision is to become the home for a new breed of Real Estate Agent, one who is not solely focused on customer acquisition, but one who’s focus is to add value to the team, the company and our clients.

Our agents genuinely pay attention to detail, work on a timely manner, and deliver meticulous results while always maintaining a focus on surpassing our client’s expectations. Whether it’s providing transportation from and to the airport or assisting our clients to acclimate to their new home and neighborhood, maintaining a joyous concierge attitude is always paramount to our stature.

We understand our clients’ busy and adventurous lives require a devoted team whom they can trust to deliver results and facilitate the process while making it an effortless experience. We provide our clients with an agent of preference or one who will best fit their criteria.

While JuVitae Luxury Leasing focuses is luxury apartment leasing, we have team members as well as partnerships with other Brokers who will properly assist you in any other Real Estate transaction. We see our partners as an extension of us; therefore we ensure they will deliver a great experience as we would.

Each one of our agents applies their strong market knowledge and customer service mastery to consistently exceed customer expectations. Our culture, training, branding, systems and leadership will allow us to grow an organization who will add value to our clients, our agents and the community as a whole.

Whether you’ve done business with us or not, we’re glad you stopped by and got to know us a little better, welcome to JuVitae.

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